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06 of January, 2021
Effects of Male Obesity in Sperm DNA and Offspring Health

The production of numerous functional proteins inside your cell comes about thanks to DNA, allowing scientists to perform genealogical tests or DNA tests while pregnant. The bases that are the constituents of your DNA – A, C, G, and T – come in specific sequences known as genes, allowing for the production of essential-for-life proteins. But, how exactly are these genes read by cells? This is the cornerstone of epigenetics.

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23 of December, 2020
The Future of Non-Invasive Personalised Healthcare

Non-invasive genomic sequencing is paving the way forward in the healthcare industry allowing, for example, non-invasive prenatal paternity tests to readily satisfy the parameters that are typically seen around providers, payers, and patients.

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15 of December, 2020
The Importance of Paternity Testing

Concerns about paternity testing during pregnancy are very common - getting answers has physical, emotional, and even financial benefits for both the mother and her child. For example, medical records established from a paternity test can provide accurate and additional insight into managing the health and care of your child. For these reasons, determining a biological relationship with the potential father of your child is pivotal. There are certain key areas to educate yourself upon before diving in, here are a few topics to provide you with a more holistic insight.

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07 of December, 2020
A Case Against Sex-Selective Abortion

Is the technology that allows us to have abortions performed safely and effectively to blame for a complex personal problem? The same question could be asked in the context of a prenatal gender test, which could potentially be used for the purpose of sex-selective abortion.   

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28 of November, 2020
The Road to Fetal DNA Testing

We are able to offer services such as a prenatal baby gender test and a prenatal paternity test thanks to research conducted in the field of genetics over the last few decades, and the technological innovations that have resulted from this research. Most importantly, prenatal genetic testing services are currently available to the public thanks to the discovery of fetal DNA in the blood of pregnant women. Here’s a piece of the story behind this discovery.

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25 of November, 2020
The Benefits of Having a Prenatal Baby Gender Test

For parents looking for a way to ease their anticipation of their child, a prenatal baby gender test could be just the thing they need.

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23 of November, 2020
Dispelling Untruths About Paternity Testing

Myths about paternity testing practices have spread like wildfire across the internet. The most knowledgeable people about paternity testing, however, are those who are actually involved in performing these tests. As a service to those still hesitant about doing a DNA test while pregnant to determine paternity, we are debunking four myths about paternity testing.

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20 of November, 2020
Genetically Testing Maine’s Mystery Beast

Dr. Melekhovets is a well-known geneticist and the director at a number of reputable DNA-testing enterprises located in the GTA. Testing includes everything from non-invasive prenatal paternity tests, infidelity tests, and even genetically testing the DNA of unknown animals that terrorize the pets in the north easternmost state of Maine.

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10 of November, 2020
How to Interpret the Results of a Prenatal Baby Gender Test

For those looking to learn the gender of their baby as early as possible, a prenatal gender test can be performed using a blood sample from the mother.

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06 of November, 2020
The Science Behind Determining Paternity

Those with a more invested interest in genetic testing may find themselves asking the following questions: What do the test results look like? How do you interpret them? What part of the DNA indicates if a man is the father of a child or not? Here’s a breakdown of the science behind fetal DNA testing for those who are curious.

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