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29 of June, 2022
3 Tips To Support Your Partner’s Infertility Journey As A Non-Carrier

A planned pregnancy, although ideal, can also be stressful. From finding the right OB/GYN to conducting DNA tests on the unborn child for any potential defects, it can be a tedious process for both partners. However, the mental distress of going through infertility is far more severe. In the previous blog, the correlation between infertility and depression was laid out. Now, it’s time to explore ways to handle this phase, especially as a non-carrying partner. Since all infertility treatments usually pertain to the carrying partner, the other person might feel lost, alienated and helpless. To mitigate this, here are 3 steps non-carrying partners can take to empower themselves and their partners. 

Handling infertility as a non-carrying partner.

Get More Involved

Since the carrying partner is going through various infertility treatments, you can support them in myriad ways. One prominent way is to do more research about possible alternatives and treatments so that you and your partner are better informed. You can also support this endeavor financially by handling hospital bills, and managing paperwork and insurance-related documents. In this manner, you can successfully remove the additional burden on the carrying partner.


Be Honest With Each Other

This is a difficult time for any couple, and you are no exception. Be open about your feelings and discuss them thoroughly with your partner. Also, lend them an ear and listen to their grievances. By having this uncomfortable but honest discussion, you two can move forward as a cohesive unit. If you have unfortunately suffered through miscarriages in the past, then it’s time to address and heal those traumas as well. 


Make Time For Intimacy

The biggest mistake infertile couples make is equating intimacy with only procreation. This can take away all the fun and passion from the physical side of things, driving a huge wedge in the relationship. Although difficult, it’s important to not correlate the two and consider intimacy as a way to better connect and understand your partner. 


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