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22 of June, 2022
Correlation Between Infertility And Depression

With a significant improvement in prenatal medical diagnostics, most expecting parents opt for a DNA test on their unborn child apart from the traditional visits to the OB/GYN. While technology like this has revolutionised the physical aspects of prenatal healthcare, the attention toward the mental aspect is still sorely lacking.


Prenatal depression is an often ignored topic that plagues plenty of expectant mothers. However, another manner of depression, which is also not addressed, is one caused by infertility problems. Therefore, here’s a look at the impact of infertility on mental health and how the two are deeply correlated.

Link between infertility and depression.


Infertility, on either the male or female side, can be extremely traumatic for a couple. Starting a family is one of the most fundamental goals of society, and if a couple is unable to fulfil this, one or both partners might develop depression from the sheer stress of the situation. 


Couples that opt for artificial reproductive technologies such as IVF can also fall prey to depression due to the fluctuation in hormones. Some studies have also found that certain medications such as clomiphene, leuprolide and gonadotropins, that are used to treat infertility can cause depression as a side effect.  



Conversely, depression itself can also cause infertility problems on its own. Thus, the two are intertwined to an extent. Since depression can cause problems such as insomnia, and loss of interest in activities, including sexual intercourse, it is evident that couples, where one partner is suffering from this ailment, might have trouble conceiving a child. However, the effects are far beyond psychological. Studies have also found that depression in a male partner is directly correlated to less sperm concentration, reduction in sperm count and volume, and a negative effect on sperm motility. 


Therefore, depression, either caused by infertility or otherwise, must be handled with caution and compassion. Fortunately, with an ever-increasing support system for such mental ailments, it is easier than ever to access the right medication and counselling. 


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