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29 of September, 2022
How To Know If Your Pregnancy Nausea Is Something More Severe?

There are many staples attached to pregnancy, such as visiting an OB/GYN, getting DNA tests to check for the unborn child’s health, and more. In some cases, a prenatal paternity test might also be warranted. Another unpleasant and rather unavoidable aspect is morning sickness, leading to feelings of nausea and sensitivity to certain food and smells. It is a part and parcel of pregnancy. However, it might not be that simple in every case. Perhaps your nausea might be pointing toward a much more severe condition, such as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. 

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Take morning sickness experienced during pregnancy, and increase its severity by several magnitudes, and you have hyperemesis gravidarum (HVG). Causing severe nausea and vomiting, it can lead to extreme weight loss, and might even require urgent medical care if left unmanaged. 

Symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Here are a few classic symptoms of the conditions:

  • Extreme nausea and constant vomiting
  • Severe dehydration
  • Weight loss of 5 percent or more of the total pre-pregnancy body weight

Coming to causes and risk factors, HVG is a condition that is not yet fully understood by medical personnel. Hence, its underlying causes and who is at higher risk of developing this condition are currently undetermined. 

Prevention And Treatment

While there are no ways to prevent this condition since the risk factors are unknown, here’s how it is generally treated:

  • Consumption of bland, nutritious food and fluids to recover from dehydration
  • Medications to prevent frequent vomiting episodes
  • In extreme cases, would-be mothers might require hospitalization and nutrients might be fed through an intravenous line

The bottom line is that, with constant care and the right treatment, this condition can be beaten easily. Most pregnant women who have HVG usually recover from it around the 20th week of their pregnancy. 

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