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23 of January, 2020
How Gender was Predicted before Science

Before technology got to where it is today, people were trying all sorts of unscientific techniques to gain insight into their baby’s gender. Indeed, there has always been a demand for gender predictor technology throughout the ages. Today, we are fortunate because we possess the equipment and knowhow in order to perform safe, non-invasive, and accurate gender prediction procedures.


At Prenatal Genetics Laboratory, the gender test we perform is based on the scientific discovery that fetal cells are present in maternal blood. Therefore, our gender test only requires us to extract a blood sample from the mother in order for us to determine baby gender.


Back then, expecting parents often relied on old wives’ tales to guess their baby’s gender.


Your parents or grandparents may have mentioned some of these gender predictor methods in passing:


1. Changes in the Skin

It has often been said that a woman’s complexion will change when she is expecting. Dryer skin is supposed to mean that she is carrying a boy, while oiler skin means she is expecting a girl. Acne was also thought of as an indicator that an expecting mom was carrying a girl.


2. Hair Growth

Another unscientific method of determining gender was by looking at an expecting mom’s hair. Thick, glossy hair meant that a boy was on the way. An unusual amount of body hair growth was also tied to the presence of a baby boy.


3. Foot Temperature and Growth

Some women are said to gain in shoe size during pregnancy, and this was supposed to mean that they were expecting a boy. Furthermore, if a woman was experiencing coldness in her feet that she never felt before, this was also an indication that her baby is a boy.


As you can see, these gender predictor methods were based on physical appearances and arbitrarily assigning a baby’s gender to those changes. Nowadays, we can rely on real information from a fetus’ DNA. Nothing beats science, and thanks to our fair prices and convenient procedures, more parents will be able to access our safe and accurate tests.

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