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08 of August, 2022
4 Types Of DNA Tests That Are Admissible In Court

DNA testing has seen a boom in the last couple of decades. Moreover, with a drop in prices of prenatal genetic testing services, most expectant parents opt for it apart from regular OB/GYN check-ups. Known for their extreme accuracy, these tests are also used in legal matters. Many courts in North America admit the use of a few DNA tests to solve family and child custody disputes. Here are the 4 most well-known tests that are admissible in court. 

DNA tests valid in court.

Prenatal Paternity Test

With a simple blood sample from the mother and a cheek swab from the potential father, the unborn child’s paternity can be determined with great accuracy. Apart from this non-invasive method, one can also opt for invasive techniques such as amniocentesis or CVS, although these methods are not recommended due to the risk of miscarriage.


Paternity Test

A regular feature in many child custody battles, a regular paternity test compares the DNA sample of the child with that of the potential father. Although this test doesn’t expressly require a sample from the mother, it is advisable to get it to ascertain that the child is biologically related to the mother.


Twin Zygosity Test

This test is conducted to determine if a set of twins are identical or fraternal. Identical twins come from the same egg and fertilize into two embryos. Hence, their DNA sequence is identical. Fraternal twins, on the other hand, are created when two eggs are fertilized in the womb at the same time. Hence, their DNA sequence will have differences. 


Missing Parent Test

In the event that a parent is deceased, it is possible to trace the paternity of the child, with the aid of grandparents. If the grandparents are available, then their DNA can be compared with that of the child, as any child will share 25 percent of the DNA sequence with their grandparents. 


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