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23 of November, 2020
Dispelling Untruths About Paternity Testing


Father’s day is coming up this weekend, and in recognition of this day to celebrate dads we are offering up our wisdom to dispel myths about paternity testing.



Fatherhood can entail different things to different people - it’s not just a question of genetic relatedness. However, celebrating fatherhood can be much more satisfying if you are certain that you are the true biological father of your child. We can offer mothers a DNA test while pregnant to learn the paternity of their child before it’s even born.


Myths about paternity testing practices have spread like wildfire across the internet. The most knowledgeable people about paternity testing, however, are those who are actually involved in performing these tests. As a service to those still hesitant about doing a DNA test while pregnant to determine paternity, we are debunking four myths about paternity testing.


1. The potential father(s) must be available and willing to participate in the test.

In some cases, the parents of the potential father can be tested in lieu of him, although this can lead to a greater probability of receiving inaccurate results. To make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for our customers, we accept DNA samples from materials other than blood, such as toothbrushes or hairbrushes. In addition to this, if the potential father is willing to participate but lives in a different location from the mother, we can send testing kits to both locations and arrange for blood sample collection at local labs or hospitals.


2. The test is too expensive for most people.

Prenatal genetic testing services generally come with a hefty price tag, but we can guarantee that our services are more affordable than those offered by our competition. Check out the table on our prenatal paternity testing page to see how our services and costs compare to a competitor. Our laboratory team is constantly working to optimize testing procedures to reduce the cost of having a DNA test while pregnant to determine paternity.


3. Paternity testing tears families apart.

Dr. Melekhovets, the laboratory director of Prenatal Genetics Laboratory, has observed that, in more than 99% of cases, a problem already exists in a family looking to have a paternity test performed. The results of a DNA test while pregnant will provide you with the truth, which, at the very least, can provide closure and remove any doubts of who the biological father of the child is. If there is a possibility that learning the paternity of a child will not benefit you, you may choose not to have a test performed.


4. Test results are not kept confidential.

Prenatal Genetics Laboratory is a private company—as such, we are not required to share our data with anyone other than our clients. We understand that confidentiality is extremely important to many of our customers who choose to have a DNA test while pregnant, and we take every possible measure to ensure their privacy is not breached.


Now that these paternity testing falsehoods have been laid to rest, it’s time to get in touch with a genetic testing center and get your answers. Happy father’s day!


At our Laboratory, we offer genetic testing services to determine the paternity or gender of a fetus after only 10 weeks into pregnancy. Our methods are non-invasive, and simply involve the collection of blood samples from the mother (and the potential fathers for paternity testing). Contact us today if you’re looking to do a DNA test while pregnant to learn the paternity or gender of your baby!

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