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25 of November, 2020
The Benefits of Having a Prenatal Baby Gender Test


Innovations within the field of genetic testing have allowed us to learn more about ourselves than we have ever known before.



Genetic testing can provide insight into our ancestry, inform us of our likelihood of developing certains types of disorders and even satisfy our curiosity about our unborn children. Understandably, many soon-to-be parents look to genetic testing methods to determine if their children will have genetic disorders, and are able to prepare for their child if this is the case. For parents looking for a simpler test to ease their anticipation of their child, a prenatal baby gender test could be just the thing they need. Here are the benefits of learning your baby’s gender after just 10 weeks into your pregnancy.


Narrowing Down Your List of Names

This can be one of the most grueling aspects of preparing for a baby, as it can incite much debate between spouses and other family members. You can learn  the gender of your baby within the first trimester of a pregnancy through a prenatal baby gender test. This will give you plenty of time to discuss potential names--and you won’t be wasting your time discussing names for a boy if you’re having a girl and vice versa. 


Jump-Starting the Bonding Process

To know someone or something you must first be able to identify it. A name would definitely help in identifying your baby before it arrives, and, as mentioned earlier, the results of a prenatal baby gender test would help you land on a name. Knowing more about the baby in general can help the mother to begin the bonding process with her child. Learning any aspect of the baby, including its gender, will make the baby more real to the mother and help her feel closer to the child more quickly.


Introducing the Baby Into the Family Earlier

If the baby will be joining a family that already has children, his or her siblings will also have to adapt to the newborn. Knowing if they'll have a baby brother or sister will get the children excited about the new addition to their family.


More Time for Parents Who Want to Be Prepared

For parents who want to customize their nursery, clothing or other items for their baby, a prenatal baby gender test would be very helpful. Of course, not all parents find it necessary these days to colour-coordinate the nursery to their baby’s gender--a pink room for a girl, blue for a boy--but many parents may find comfort in creating a room they think their baby will like. 


At Prenatal Genetics Laboratory, we perform genetic testing services to determine the gender and paternity of a fetus at least ten weeks into a pregnancy. We have over 18 years of experience participating in research conducted in the field of prenatal genetic testing and refining our own clinical methods. Contact us today for a prenatal baby gender test or a prenatal paternity test with reliable results and affordable pricing!

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