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04 of May, 2022
Debunking 3 Common Myths About Pregnancy

Voluntary pregnancy is a wonderful and joyous occasion for an expectant mother and father. With a new life on the way, the would-be parents will do anything to ensure the best future for the child. This includes conducting prenatal genetic testing, which is now quite affordable. Of course, in the midst of all this care, it is easy to get over-concerned and start believing in myths just because they are prevalent. However, these misconceptions do nothing but make the pregnancy stressful and complicated for the expectant parents. Thus, here are 3 such myths related to pregnancy which will be dispelled once and for all. 

3 myths related to pregnancy

Myth 1: Avoid Peanuts And Dairy

There is a common misconception among parents that if a mother eats peanuts and dairy products during the pregnancy, then the child might become allergic to these foods post-birth. There is no medical or factual truth to this information as limiting any type of food will not guarantee that the child will not develop allergies to it. On the contrary, avoiding food groups might impact the health of the pregnant mother, and in turn, can adversely affect the health of the child. 


Myth 2: Eat For Two When Pregnant

This is just a well-intentioned phrase that has ended up doing more harm than good. Essentially, a mother should only eat about 400 to 500 extra calories per day when they are expecting. Eating for two, or consuming that many excess calories can be very harmful as it can lead to obesity, which will affect the pregnancy in a negative manner. 


Myth 3: Don’t Reach Up Over Your Head

There is a commonly-held belief that pregnant women should not extend their hand far over their head while doing any task such as hanging clothes on a line or reaching for something, as it can apparently damage the umbilical cord. Fortunately, this is simply a malicious lie and won’t affect the child in any way. If there are certain activities that are potentially risky, then your obstetrician will inform you in advance.


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