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29 of October, 2021
3 Benefits of NIPT Test for Pregnant Mothers

During one’s pregnancy, prenatal DNA testing can be needed or desired for a number of reasons. For decades, people have relied on invasive techniques to conduct prenatal tests, but the discovery of fetal DNA being present in maternal blood made it possible to create a safe and non-invasive prenatal paternity test on blood. While choosing between invasive and non-invasive tests, it might be difficult knowing what to fully expect with each of these specific tests. Prenatal Genetics Laboratory lists some of the simple and straightforward benefits of the NIPT process.

Here are three advantages that NIPT provides:

Significant Accuracy

Arguably one of the most important benefits of non-invasive DNA testing during pregnancy involves its highly reliable nature. When it comes to our prenatal gender and paternity testing results, the accuracy resides at greater than 99% for maternal blood samples that were obtained at 10 weeks into pregnancy or later.

Entirely Non-Invasive

As the name suggests, NIPT is totally non-invasive and ensures the safety of the mother and her unborn child. Our paternity test includes a sample collection kit, which contains tubes that will collect the mother’s blood and swabs for each potential father, in addition to instructions and a submission form. In Canada and the U.S., we can also organize the blood collection at a nearby laboratory or hospital for our clients.

Comprehensive Results

Through NIPT, one can not only confirm the paternity and gender of the unborn baby, but also identify any chromosomal abnormalities that may result in Down Syndrome for instance. Once you order a DNA kit with our company and collect samples, our laboratory will analyze and determine the gender and paternity results as requested. You will receive detailed analysis of the genetic markers between mother, alleged father, and fetus. After the baby is born, a free follow-up test can also be performed.

If NIPT is a service you plan to use, browse our website and contact Prenatal Genetics Laboratory today to learn more about the prenatal paternity test and gender test that we offer.

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